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The Directive 2000/53/EC states that for 2015 at least a 95% of the end-of-life vehicles must be recovered and reused (minimum of 85% must be recovered and recycled). ELV-glass is considered to be a waste stream difficult to manage due to the difficulty of recovering and reusing. Although the main material of windscreens, glass, is recovered and reused, the laminated plastic used during the manufacturing, PVB, could not be reused due to its impurity. Hence, a big amount of waste PVB is disposed.

In order to give a solution to the problem, the present project provides a process to recover, and in consequence reuse, the PVB from windscreens. This process starts with the separation of the glass and the PVB, procedure that is normally used in the glass recovery. The separation method will be optimised during the project to fulfil the requirements for the further purification. Next, a purification process will be developed where the contaminants will be removed from the PVB. Finally, the PVB obtained will be processed and reused, since its final characteristics will satisfy the commercial ones. The PVB will be processed to obtain the pellets for sale in the market.