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The use of PVB has increased widely during the last years as a result of the increase of vehicles manufacturing and the expansion of its application, since different sectors such as construction, train windows or bullet proof glasses, also required laminated glasses. Approximately, 80.000 tonnes of PVB are manufactured every year. The price of PVB is between 9 and 14 Euro/kg, considering it expensive comparing with other type of plastics.

Big efforts have been done up to today in the study of new techniques which will enable the recovery and recycle of ELV-windscreen, mainly because of the expensive cost of PVB manufacturing and the new legislation regarding recovery of package waste (Directive 94/62/EC). While glass recycling is an established process, car windshield recycling presents serious problems due mainly to the PVB separation and purification needs. Recently, the Technological Centre Lurederra has developed successfully a process which enables profitable recycling PVB.